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Pension Cafe
  • Welcome to U Míšků !!!
  • We offer accommodation in beautiful rooms
  • Overlooking the spa colonnade
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Private sauna in the relaxation zone

For lovers of heat, the sauna is sure to be a very attractive place.
The body is strongly oxidized, the skin pores and blood vessels are enlarged, better skin respiration and blood circulation limbs.
Sauna has a beneficial effect on calming heart activity, relaxing the airways, relieving pain joints and muscles. By visiting the sauna, you also benefit your mental well-being, when nervousness or possible migraines.
Due to strong sweating, harmful substances are also excreted from the body. You will be at your regular time the positive result is total body stiffness and higher resistance to infections.
Saunas are also favorable cosmetic effect, improving the suppleness of the skin, its freshness and appearance.


Private sauna 2 persons 90 min. 600 Kč
Private sauna 3 persons 90 min. 800 Kč
Private sauna 4 persons 90 min. 900 Kč

The price is for each person bath towels and sheets.
There is a relaxation zone with a cooling pool (20c), a shower and sun loungers.
Only healthy people are allowed into the sauna!

Orders are accepted at least one day in advance

Information and order:
Phone: +420 608 353 132